First Contact | Assured Claims Intelligence Platform

First contact made digital

Reduce cycle time and eliminate phone calls. Intelligently reach out to all parties digitally to gather accurate information in a timely manner.

Step 1: Hand off

Simply hand off the claim to Assured, and we’ll take it from there. Assured offers a variety of methods to submit a claim, from manual PDF upload to fully automated API.

Step 2: Reach out

No phone calls necessary! Assured will reach out to all of the individuals associated with the claim digitally via SMS or email.

Step 3: Get results

After Assured has gathered the information, we’ll report back to the adjuster with a data-rich report.

No more phone tag

Today, following up with claimants, witnesses, and other involved parties is highly manual. It requires multiple phone calls to gather more details and fill in the blanks, a process that is both inefficient and imprecise.

Introducing digitized first contact

With Assured, first contact is automated and digital. Simply hand off the claim and we’ll digitally follow up with claimants, witnesses, and passengers to ask questions, gather documents, assign services, and more. Once complete, we’ll report back with a summary of everything we’ve learned.

Intelligent Service Assignment

Streamline service assignment

Seamlessly assign services and let users self-schedule inspections, body shop appointments, repairs, and rentals.

Collision IQ

Show, don’t tell

Go beyond the basics of a collision. Using a 3D map to recreate the scene, Assured’s interactive visualization tool reconstructs accidents with more precision than a phone call.

Injury IQ

Injuries made painless

Take the headache out of injury investigations. Pinpoint injuries with detail to avoid ambiguities and gain in-depth information earlier in the process.

Customized dispatch to fit your process

Assured can step in when you want, where you want. Our technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing workflows and adapt to your current business workstreams.


Upload PDF

Simply upload a claim file and Assured will extract all relevant information and initiate first contacts automatically.

API Integrations

Our API-driven architecture means it’s easy to integrate with your core claims systems. Assured can manage filtering and segmentation to reduce IT lift.

Manual Start

Enter who should be reached out to via adjuster or CSR, and Assured will take it from there.