Fraud | Assured Claims Intelligence Platform

Proactive is the new reactive.

Don’t just clean up the mess.
Stop fraud before it even happens.

The Evolution
of Fraud Detection

1ST Generation

For decades, detecting fraud has been a predominantly manual undertaking. From gut-driven investigations to hand-written desk reviews, humans informed by large fraud databases was a good start, but wasn’t enough. Manual processing is expensive—and fraud still fell through the cracks.

2ND Generation

Fortunately, the industry has seen progress. Tools that spot missing information, flag claims with a green/yellow/red status, and automate basics checks like policy effective dates have become widespread. Yet, fraud is as rampant as ever. It turns out, these products are better than nothing, but lack the sophistication of a true perceive + identify + defend solution.

Mystery, Solved.


By the time fraud occurs, it’s often too late. That’s why Assured Prophecy watches for suspicious behavior on your marketing website, web portal, and mobile app to identify fraud before the claim filing process has even started.


Leveraging the input of Prophecy, Assured FNOL asks probing questions to get to the bottom of any suspect behavior. Leveraging a synthesis of logic and machine learning, questions are targeted and phrased to sniff out potential falsehoods.
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Like a trained detective, Assured Adjuster IQ doesn’t just give adjusters a beautiful way to visualize a claim—it reconciles a multitude of perspectives to arrive at a ground truth. Adjuster IQ dynamically routes the claim, then prompts adjusters with prescient action items. And it does it all without a single human touch.