First Notice of Loss, Reimagined.

Assured's FNOL product delivers superior customer experience, increased accuracy, and improved adjuster efficiency.

But it's also so much more.

Assured's ingestion engine was built from
the ground up to enable carriers to automate claims processing: capturing data in a structured, standardized, and machine readable format that enables downstream automation.

It All Starts With FNOL

Satisfy customers with a beautiful and intuitive start to their claim.
Empower adjusters with the information they need.

Bring your FNOL solution
into the 21st century.

Everything a phone specialist could do, but better:

Dispatch tow trucks, ingest media, reconstruct an accident, and more. It’s all possible with the Assured FNOL ingestion web app.

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Structured Data is the Key

Automation has long been the holy grail of increasing accuracy and decreasing costs in claims, but success has been proven elusive.


Feeding low-quality existing data into analytics layers


Collecting better data at the source, then building intelligence on top

Machine Readable Data:
The True Difference

"Cleaning" bad data is expensive and ineffective. Assured gathers standardized and regimented data at the source (FNOL).

This creates an easily computed on database, increasing accuracy and enabling downstream automation.

Legacy Data

Shallow, Imprecise, and Unstructured

Without standardization, there's no ability to compare across claims.

"301 University Ave, Palo Alto"
"University Ave, near Wallgreens"
"Corner of Univ Ave & Ramona"

Assured Data

Deep, Accurate, and Standardized

Comparing apples-to-apples reveals meaningful differences.

"37°26'30.57"N, 122°8'34.84"W"
"37°26'30.77"N, 122°8'34.97"W"
"37°26'30.73"N, 122°8'34.17"W"

The FNOL Trifecta

Improve your three most important metrics.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

With a beautiful and intuitive web app.

Improve Expense Ratio

By gathering more information, quicker.

Decrease Loss Ratio

With more accurate and audited claims data.

Integration Made Easy

Core platform integrations deploy our FNOL solution without disrupting downstream processes.

Core Platform

It's important to make integration simple, easy, and non-disruptive for a carrier's day-to-day operations.

That's why Assured provides an easy-to-use API compatible with any major core platform.

Our web app interfaces directly with the consumer, then behind the scenes writes the data we gather directly into your existing core platform records, enabling downstream processes to continue undisturbed.

Integration Steps

1. Core Platform API
2. Phone Line Redirect

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Become a part of the modern claims revolution.

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