FNOL | Assured Claims Intelligence Platform

Structured, intuitive, and intelligent FNOL.

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Intelligent FNOL


Built on top of a modern web app, Assured FNOL ingests the vast majority of information required to process a claim, all while delighting customers with an intuitive and compassionate customer experience.

Dynamic Question Flow

Assured FNOL leverages both the user's previous answers and more than 50 external data sources to uniquely adapt its questions to every claim. This powers contextually relevant questions that ask a user to confirm structured data, enabling a better customer experience and downstream automation.

Digital Signature

Efficiently gather an authentic user signature to verify the user is truthful and for additional legal merit, adaptable by state.

3D Damage Assessment

Intuitive way for claimant to specify damaged areas by “painting” the damaged areas on a 3D vehicle model.

Omnidirectional Chatbot + Text

Enable call center representatives, adjusters, and service providers to chat with each other and the claimant, all in one place.

Proactive Notifications

Proactively reach policyholders via SMS to prepare them for weather alerts, CAT events, and more.


Support a multilingual policyholder base by allowing users and adjusters to communicate in their preferred language.

CAT Claims

Deploy tailored FNOL flows to rapidly field CAT claims for a variety of incident types.

Efficient Operation

Assured ClaimView

Empower adjusters and claims handlers with an information rich claims display that intelligently highlights the most important claims data to quickly and accurately settle the claim.

Flow Builder

Configure the Assured question flow to adapt to your evolving business needs, without having to create FNOL flows from scratch.


Leverage comprehensive statistics and FNOL session replays to inform adjudication, process, and customer experience decisions.

Rollout Manager

Deploy and A/B test unique flows to different policyholder groups depending on location, coverages, and more.

Powerful Data

Core System API

The Assured Platform is meant to augment your core system, not replace it. Seamlessly capture the powerful data Assured provides with a low-lift API implementation.

Data Enrichment

Assured integrates more than 50 external data sources to ask situationally aware questions and better inform the adjudication process.

Machine Readable Data

The most comprehensive datasets in the world are useless if they’re unstructured. Assured’s data is built on the premise of structured, standardized and machine-readable data output. Best of all, it’s yours to keep.