Messaging | Assured Claims Intelligence Platform

Messaging Made Magical

Omnichannel, omnidirectional, enterprise-wide communication powered by the best of humans and A.I.

Meet Emma, your Adjuster’s AI Assistant.

Emma works for you.

Adjusters have a lot of work to do. Gathering images, contacting drivers, witnesses, and multiple other parties—and dozens of more tasks across multiple concurrent claims. With Emma, these processes are made automatic and intelligent. Simply type your request, and Emma leverages everything she knows about the claim to efficiently and compassionately get the job done on your behalf.

Emma knows claims.

Because Emma leverages the data Assured’s Claims Intelligence Platform provides, she’s always up to speed. Adjusters can trigger Emma’s actions right in ClaimView, such as following up with a passenger to gather detailed injury information. And like all our products, the data Emma gathers is structured and machine-readable—making it immensely powerful and immediately usable for all your claims automation initiatives.

Messaging across claims and the enterprise.

Messaging for Claims

Leverage Assured Messaging within the context of a claim to gather information, coordinate, and notify.

Integrates seamlessly with Assured FNOL (optional)
Trigger macros and send freeform messages from within Assured ClaimView
Includes Emma, your Adjuster’s AI Assistant

Messaging for Enterprise

Sell policies, answer questions, solve billing issues, and add value to your policyholders.

Field non-claim related queries across billing, policy, and more
Dispatch mass notifications for marketing or value-added services
AI-powered triaging and routing of incoming messages